From 2013-2014 I worked with the AOL product team to improve a number of their products, including the homepage, a video destination known as AOL Features, AOL Weather, AOL Mail, and a number of other experiments to push the brand forward.

AOL’s homepage is a huge downstream traffic driver to their subsidiary sites and other AOL products, therefore it was essential to optimize the design and usability of the every element of the page. We redesigned the homepage, article pages and channel pages to be fully responsive. The new look and feel was the first major update to the site in many years, and brought many modern design aesthetics to the AOL world.



A redesigned AOL article page:



Proposals for improvements in the design and user experience of AOL Mail:




Below is a proposal for a browser plug-in that addresses tab management. When users would open a new tab in their browser, they’d be presented with the screens below. The plugin provides the user with a list of the articles they had been reading (saved automatically to this list upon opening an article and starting to read it, and removed only when the user finished it/scrolled all the way to the bottom). It also lists all of the current tabs they have open, which are automatically categorized. Its a novel approach to tab management for those of us who hoard tabs. I also pulled in a feed of AOL-sourced articles into a “news wheel,” and present the user with their favorite websites below.

AOL launched a new destination for premium video content in April 2014. “AOL Features” showcases AOL’s original programming, as well as content from major partners such as ESPN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast.

I also designed how the back-end would function in terms of scheduling content in our carousel and within the Features environment itself. We had a pretty complex system for pushing content live at certain times, with the goal of keeping our featured videos as fresh as possible.




I redesigned AOL’s weather site in June 2014:


aol-weather-320px_v5c copy

“Winter Games Unfiltered” covered the Sochi Games in a way that few other networks could. This collaboration with AOL gives you a first-hand view at what its like to be an olympian at the Games. We pulled instagram and twitter feeds from each U.S. athlete into one user-friendly, filterable site. We also measured interaction rates on each athlete’s social handle, to find out which olympians would win the gold, silver, and bronze medals for social interaction.


I also took 1st place in AOL’s 1st annual hackathon! Together with a small team, we built a video commenting system in just 12 hours.