This is a personal project (and still a work in progress), that I created with the goal of opening lines of communication between people in different countries. I used wordpress as a basis, but did a lot of PHP customization and all of the front-end coding to create brand new page templates. Users can post questions to people in different countries and receive answers and opinions from the people who live there. Each comment is marked by the flag of the user who answered, to verify they’re actually there. The flags are detected via IP address.

Users can also sort by various topics, such as politics, the environment, health, travel and more. Its a great way to get direct information rather than relying on world news reporters. I think fostering a more open dialogue between differing cultures would be a great way to build empathy and understanding among people who have cultural differences. A great starting point might be to open communication between Americans and middle eastern nations.

Internationalist uses Google Translate to ensure that users will be able to communicate (a least to a reasonable degree) in any language.

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