Potomac is a reference app that highlights data on key issues in American politics today. Users can track how the numbers on the economy, healthcare, military operations, crime, poverty and more have progressed year by year – while seeing which political parties were in control at the time. Certain datasets also include timelines on major legislation and events that pertain to that topic.

In an election season where facts sometimes seemed to take a backseat, I thought it would be helpful for people to have easy access to hard data. I pulled data from only the most reliable and verifiable sources, such as the Congressional Budget Office and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Potomac can be particularly helpful as a “second screen” app when watching the news or debates, giving you a factual basis for the current state of each topic.

I designed and developed Potomac in Swift for iOS.

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On a somewhat related note, I wrote an analysis of the 2016 election (and how the media impacted it), here.