Vimeo On Demand Creation Flow

Vimeo on Demand is an increasingly important facet of Vimeo’s business model. As a result, Vimeo needed to make sure its users could upload their VOD titles as easy as possible. I worked with Vimeo to redesign their entire creation flow into a simpler, more intuitive process, that minimized bounce rates and increased successful uploads.

Vimeo on Demand is a powerful feature that allows for a variety of complex settings, such as setting a release date, coming soon status, pre-order status, regional availability, promo codes, early access codes, page design settings, trailer settings, and purchase and rental pricing in multiple currencies around the world. All of these options impacted one another, so creating a simple user experience was no easy task. The new creation flow increased upload and finish rates. Users rarely reported difficulty in uploading their titles or adjusting their settings.

Unfortunately you can only try it out if you have a Vimeo Pro account. If you do, give it a go!

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