Vimeo Search

In 2015 I redesigned Vimeo’s search feature. Balancing the needs for specificity but also simplicity (that I think is inherent in a search experience) was an exciting design challenge. I think we greatly improved what is an immensely important facet of the site.

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When I arrived at Vimeo, this is what the search page looked like:

It had a pretty clunky structure, and the UI was definitely less than refined. Separate areas and multiple tiers for filtering, a fairly awkward right to left flow for advanced filtering, and video cells that lacked a succinct way to summarize their information made for a functional, but not altogether pleasant, experience. It also lacked any responsiveness.

I set out to reorganize and refresh the search feature, by streamlining the filters, reorganizing the layout, and making it fully responsive. I was happy with the results.






Further details regarding my approach will be added soon!